The OPOCZNO brand has created, inspired and developed unique and timeless collections for 125 years.
For many generations, we have worked for our Clients’ contentment and satisfaction. Our talented and committed designers, constructors and sales/marketing specialists supported with cutting-edge technologies realise the OPOCZNO brand mission, which consists in creating trends and developing ideas for perfect interiors.
That is why, we follow not only the trends present in the ceramic business, as all general fashion trends influence the style of interior finishing and decorations.
Our reaction to the present day fashion is creation of daring design and rich colours used in new collections. Oblong shapes, challenging patterns and most of all the new rectified tile collections are another important breakthrough in the OPOCZNO brand pattern-designing.
Development and constant enhancement of our products is made possible not only by utilization of three state-of-the-art production plants: Mazowsze, Pomorze and Śląsk but also thanks to our professionals whose everyday work is the source of our numerous successes.
Today the OPOCZNO brand is the leader on the ceramic tiles market. The strongest evidence for this fact is its identification which reaches staggering 92%. This results not only from our rich tradition but, most of all, it is the sign of the popularity of our products among consumers, which is the most important element in our hierarchy of goals. We exist and create new products for those who want their private world to look more beautiful.